Keep your local frozen turkey alive. 

Rhythm-based game made for WolverineSoft's Turkey Game Jam 2020, for the theme "Momentum". 

Made by six University of Michigan students in various stages of moving out of their apartments. Built, programmed, and animated in Unity. Background music composed in FL Studio. Art created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  

Meet our team!

  • Natasha Badami, Programming & Beat Wizardry
  • Naveen Sabharwal, Programming & User Interface @NavelSaber
  • Ahmad Faiyaz, Music Composition & Sound Design
  • Lucy Zhang, Art & User Interface @vBoop
  • Valerie Matula, Art & Player/Level Design @vamalama
  • Kaavya Ramachandhran, Art & Animation @Kapitha


Download 38 MB
Download 38 MB

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