A choose-your-own-adventure game featuring a late bus, an identity crisis, and several botched social interactions.

Latebus is coded using HTML and the Twinery engine. Background track is made with Soundtrap. The game has 13 endings and over 150 animations, drawn frame-by-frame in Photoshop. 

It takes anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes for a play through, depending on the ending(s) the player receives.


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add a save function, please

this is rlllyyy good

I really enjoyed the game! Good work and thank you!

Played it some hours ago, during night time. It pretty much catched my attention from the very first moment. The artstyle choices, the looped music, the story, everything makes it a very curious tale which you want to know more about with every step you take.
Surprisingly, I was able to obtain all the endings "in a good way", and I gotta admit that it was worth the time. 
Thank you for letting people enjoy it in a very comfortable way and I hope it reaches much more public! ^-^.

Wow. There is so much here, this is a really cool experience and the art design is amazing! I really, really enjoyed the experience of playing this little game, thank you.