A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made for Game Devcember 2020, for the theme "Connections".

This is Kitnapped, a local multiplayer game in which you must accumulate as many tiny cats as possible. 

Customize your character, join your teammates, and venture out into a map full of vagabond kittens. Each one that you encounter will follow behind you — bring them back to your base to adopt them! But beware that the opposing team is collecting cats too, and if they infiltrate your base, their victory may be inevitable. 

So go. Get those kittens. Kidnap them. Kitnap them. 

Kitnapped does not condone the actual kidnapping of actual kittens. Please adopt responsibly and not stockholm-ly. Nyah. 

Meet the team! 

  • Natasha Badami, Programming @nbadami
  • Billy Bostick, Programming @wbostick
  • Ahmad Faiyaz, Music Composition
  • Dilan Huang, Art
  • Valerie Matula, Art @vamalama
  • Kaavya Ramachandhran, Programming & Art @kapitha
  • Naveen Sabharwal, Programming & Art @navelsaber
  • Lucy Zhang, Art @vboop


Kitnapped_Windows.zip 39 MB
Kitnapped_Mac.zip 39 MB


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